Lollies, candy, rock

Lollies, Candy, Sweets, Rock

What do you call them?  In Australia we are likely to call them lollies yet all over the world they are called something different.

mixed sherberts

What is common, is our universal love of quality sweets. Whether it's hard candy, chocolate, honeycomb or a traditional lollipop, lollies are popular world wide. If you love lollies, but are a diabetic or are watching your sugar intake we have some fantastic sugar free options for you too.
At Walkers Candy Company we specialise in the manufacture of Hard Boiled Confectionery. We make the finest quality hard boiled sugar confectionery, but we don't make chocolate, jubes or jelly beans. 

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making lollipops
Our team making Candy Sticks.

With a fabulous team of people, we manufacture for a huge range of clientele including Boutique Sweet Shops, Department Stores, Hotel Chains, Supermarkets, Major Corporate Events, Promotional Companies, Weddings, and Retail customers.  Our products are purchased by consumers and are also used in the manufacture of some of Australia's finest icecream and patisserie. 

We have a large range of packaging options including allowing clients to brand and/or pack our product themselves.

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