Walkers Candy

Information about Walkers Candy

About the Owners

Walkers Candy Co is owned by Ray and Lisa Edwards who purchased the business in August 2007. Ray has worked for the business for extended periods of time since it’s inception as a business in it’s own right when it was registered in 1982. He received his training from a Master Chocolatier and Confectioner. Over the years he has continued to develop his skills so that now he is able to produce the wonderful range of products that we now supply. Lisa brings with her an extensive background of business administration. Together they have a commitment to build the business and continue to supply superior quality hand made confectionery.

About our Staff

With a number of staff needed for production Walkers Candy is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to forwarding the development of their staff.  With a fantastic team, they continue to grow and develop through the development of their staff.

Without quality staff, our company is nothing, without commitment and passion of our staff, we would not produce the quality we do.

Walkers candy are committed to serving the community in their role as an employer and as such support work experience students and a range of people needing to re-enter the workforce, including those in sheltered employment. 

About our Facilities

Upholding the heritage and traditions of candy making (from the turn of the century) Walkers Candy continues using traditional recipes and original machinery.

The machinery has a life and history of its own, dating back to the 1930’s and 40’s. It was made in England and used in Western Australia by Plaistowes (the original Western Australian Candy icon).

Walkers Candy are committed to retaining the skills of the past, and to keeping this magnificently engineered equipment in top condition.
Walkers continues to lead the field using:

Traditional recipes
Original manufacturing equipment
Modern business technology
Cutting edge business management techniques
Internet Marketing and Sales
International market penetration






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