We have two ranges of lollipops:  The traditional striped lollipop and a range of poured lollipop products.

Traditional Pulled Lollipops

The traditional round striped lollipop is made using a traditional boiled sweet method, the candy is boiled and then as it cools is whipped or pulled to change the base colour from clear to white, much like whipping butter lightens its colour.  Then stripes of coloured candy are added onto the mass and rolled into a large cylinder.  The candy is extruded and hand cut, rolled, stuck and pressed into shape. For custom orders we can manufacture these lollipops in your colours.

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small lollipop

medium lollipop

large lollipop

flare lollipop





Diam:      63mm
Length:  170mm
Including stick

Diam:    105mm
Length:  230mm
Including stick

Diam:    165mm
Length:  290mm
Including stick

Diam:  25mm
Including stick

Christmas Tree giant lollipop

lollipop colours

Christmas Tree


Lollipops in
Assorted Colours

Custom Colours
Available upon

Width: 90mm
Length: 210mm
Including stick

Diam: 300mm
Length: 900mm
Including stick


Poured Lollipops

A poured lollipop is translucent and is made using a different cooking technique.  The candy is again boiled but before cooling it is poured into moulds of varying shapes.  Some of our lollipops, like spinning tops or umbrella are then coated in sugar. We can custom manufacture a mould especially for you.  However for economy of scale you must require a large quantity.  For an example of our custom made product see our custom page.

 spinning tops small heart  medium heart feet traffic lights

Spinning Tops

Small Heart

Medium Heart



Traffic Light

Approx 5g each

Width: 65mm
Length: 165mm
Including stick

Width: 80mm
Length: 170mm
Including stick

Width: 60mm
Length: 210mm
Including stick

Diam: 65mm
Length: 160mm
Including stick

Diam: 45mm
Length: 230mm
Including stick



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