Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you do product for fundraising?
A. Yes Please contact us to receive your fundraising pack.  See our fundraising page
Q. Is it hard to pack candy safely?
A. We are very careful with our packaging.  We use specialist cartons and bubblewrap, corrugated cardboard and a number of other packing mediums.

Q. Can you please make a donation to our charity?
A. We make a significant donation to a number of charities each year.
Our chosen charities are Mission Australia Christmas Lunch in the Park.
Foodbank of WA and the Cancer Council of WA
We are unable to donate to any further charities. We are happy to supply you with product at wholesale pricing to assist you with raising funds.

Q. Can you make product for our wedding?
A. We make a number of products suitable for weddings, including candy  and lollipops to match your wedding colours, a flavour of your choice, or candy heart lollipops. There are many options. See our Weddings Page
Wedding Bonbonniere

Q. Do you have a distributor?
A. No, at present we supply our clients direct.

Q. Do you write lettering or pictures inside the candy?
A. We specialize in making candy in particular shapes and colours. We can make to your requirements matching colours, and to a flavour of your choice. We do not make candy with writing or pictures inside.

Q. Do you make or sell chocolates?
A. We do not sell or wholesale chocolates of any type. We specialize in our own products. If you are interested in some fantastic Western Australian Chocolates try John Walker Chocolatier.

Q. How do your products come packaged?
A. You can purchase our products in a number of ways,
By bulk, our minimum purchase is 2.5kg. Glass Jars, or clear bags with our label (or plain for you to label with your logo or message).

Q. Do you have nutritional information?
A. Yes, we have nutritional information for all of our products on the product labels. You can also find our nutritional information here on our website.

Q. Are your products barcoded?
A. Yes. All of our standard packaged products have bar codes.

Q. Why is your wholesale price list not on the web site?
A. As we get enquires from both Retail and Wholesale customers we do not publish our wholesale rates to protect our resellers.

Q. How do I get a wholesale price list?
A. You need to be a registered business to purchase wholesale. To obtain a price list, phone, fax or email and we will send you one by return.

Q. What is a sugar free lolly made from?
A. The sugar is replaced by a product known as Isomalt. For further information on Isomalt please go to

Q. Do you do special orders for corporate events?
A. Yes we do – just let us know your special requirements and/or refer to our many satisfied corporate clients

Q. How are your lollipops made?
A. Aha…..! Even Willy Wonka doesn’t give away all his secrets!

Q. Do you offer work experience opportunities?
A. Yes, we do. We offer work experience through local high school work experience programs. Contact your local school Career Education Officer for more information.

Q. Do you exhibit at any trade shows?
A. Not at present, if you are interested in displaying our products at fairs and show please contact us.

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