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Sugar Products

Lollies are made with sugar.  Their level of sweetness has nothing to do with more or less sugar, in reality candy is made of sugar and glucose, both of which are a sugar, no matter whether they are using natural flavours and colours, they are 99% sugars.  Different flavours make a product taste more or less sweet than another.  Our sugar based products are made primarily with 5 ingredients, Sugar, Glucose, Water, Flavour and Colours.



We use Australian sugar.   We choose Australian ingredients to ensure that our raw materials meet the stringent health requirements that we have in Australia.



We use both Australian wheat derived glucose and imported New Zealand corn glucose.  We choose the highest quality ingredients to ensure that our raw materials meet the stringent health requirements that we have in Australia.

People with low tolerance to Gluten should contact your local Coeliac society.


Flavours and Colours.

Where possible we use natural colours and flavours.  All of our citrus based flavours contain natural oil, as do Peppermint, Aniseed and Lavender to name a few.  We choose our flavours carefully and could purchase flavours of far lesser quality however, we buy the best so you get the best flavours possible.

We also have some products using natural colours.  Many natural colours will not stand our high temperatures.



Honeycomb is great for people with a variety of dietary intolerances. It is made using Corn Glucose (syrup), Sugar, Bicarbonate of Soda, Halal Gelatine, and Rice Flour (may contain traces of Unprocessed Honey), this product contains NO EGG, DAIRY, COLOURS, FLAVOURS, PRESERVATIVES, WHEAT OR GLUTEN.


Sugar Free

Our sugar free range is sensational, and we are getting wonderful feedback on the flavours.

The main ingredient used in the Sugar Free range is known as Isomalt is actually derived from beet sugar.   The product is manufactured in Germany under stringent conditions, where the sugar is modified to remove the carbohydrates.  So we are left with a product that is stable and free of taste or influence to make superior sugar free candy.

Rather than try to interpret all of the technical information about this ingredient, if you would like to know more click here  for a direct link to the manufacturers site which is comprehensive and informative.

The Sugar Free range is gluten free, tooth friendly, reduced-calorie and low glycemic with fantastic true flavours.

Nut Free Status.

As a small producer we have made a conscious choice not to make any product containing nuts.  We do not have nuts of any type on our premises.  Our machinery and premises are free from ALL nuts.

We are however, unwilling to certify complete nut free status, as we can not obtain certification from every supplier of ingredients we use.






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