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Sugar Free Candy

This is a great question and in fact the raw material we use for our sugar free, known as Isomalt is actually derived from beet sugar.

People often ask if its not made of sugar then what is it made from? The product is manufactured in Germany under stringent conditions, where the sugar is modified to remove the carbohydrates. So we are left with a product that is stable and free of taste or influence to make superior sugar free candy.

The resulting sugar free candy is gluten free, tooth friendly, reduced-calorie and low glycemic with fantastic true flavours.

We have a range of flavours and packaging options. Our sugar free bulk sizing option is only available for our wholesale customers.

As with all Sugar Free candies, excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

Example Sizes

The images bellow illustrate the different container sizes available.

95g Bag
130g Jar